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Shopping Tips From Bubbe


Bubbe, known for her cooking show and Feed Me Bubbe Cookbook shares age old tips for us all.

It is very helpful to check out the weekly flyers from the markets.  They always have specials in almost every department and generally it can help you plan your weekly meals plus saving money on some of the specials.  In addition, allow yourself time once a week to check out the newspaper for coupons.  Of course in today's world of computers there is now an additional option of going online to the supermarket and even the company websites and apply for email newsletter where coupons can be sent to your email.  With all of these different methods you are sure to make a good home cooked meal at a good price.

Always go shopping with a list to avoid impulse buying.  Make believe you are paying rent for your kitchen storage space. Especially for items that you are not planning to use within the next 3 to 6 months and you can do without.  The supermarkets are not going out of business and the shelves are always restocked.  Why clutter your space with items you can do without and are not a necessity.  Limit your snacks by using what you have on the shelf first then you can try something different the next time.

Especially for today's lifestyle it is very important to read the Nutrition Facts on every item.  It is best to start your eating habits while young and keep in mind important information that will help and protect your life for now and the future.  Salt (listed as sodium), sugar, fats, and carbohydrates are very important to be limited to create good balance health habits for you and your family.  If you have the opportunity check out your library at least for a one time reading related to nutrition.

There is no need to purchase frosting for cakes, a little powdered sugar can do just as well.  Somehow my mother knew about nutrition when I was growing up.  Our meals were so that we were not hungry and we had our cookies and a piece of cake without frosting but when we were hungry we didn't eat potato chips and candy bars etc.  With freezers and microwaves today most of us can cook and prepare food and freeze ahead of time always ready for the time when we may need an immediate meal.

When it comes to shopping these tips help create a home filled with good meals and snacks.  It takes time to develop a habit.  Once a week plan your food shopping and basic preparation.  This will help you have a fulfilling, easy, and happy shopping experience.

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