A Shortcut for All-American Apple Pie

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Is there anything more quintessentially American than apple pie? Somehow it’s the perfect dessert, whether you serve it Thanksgiving, on the Fourth of July or anytime else.

My wonderful mother, who is clever in everything but cooking, used to make up for that little deficiency by cornering the market in organic frozen foods. And she knew how to make the most of them. She would bring home little individual apple pies, and we kids would heat them, unashamedly salivating as we pulled the flaky delicacy out of the oven. It was always piping hot, sweet and cinnamon-y. Just the thought of it takes me home.

It’s that aroma, you know. The fragrant aroma of an apple pie in the oven is like no other. Real estate agents advise that you bake an apple pie while showing your house when trying to sell. Those warm, cozy, and comforting aromas make the buyer feel like “this is home”. (If you can’t be bothered actually baking, just light a baked apple scented candle.)

Apple pie is best served a la mode with vanilla or chocolate ice cream. The ice cream complements the apple pie taste but doesn’t overwhelm. And there’s nothing quite like the ice cream melting over the apples.

I hear you groaning. You’re thinking that it’s a lot of work to make apple pie from scratch. True. But have no fear; Jamie’s here. My Deconstructed Apple Pie is quick and easy and can totally satisfy that craving for apple pie!

It’s a great time saver when you don’t feel like going through the steps of making a crust and baking an entire pie. I use frozen puff pastry to shorten prep time and individual 1-cup ramekins to enhance presentation. Watch how special people will feel when you serve them something made personally and especially for them. (I just love individual desserts. It must go back to those little frozen apple pies my Mom gave me.) The enticing smell of this dessert baking in the oven will fill your house with heartwarming memories.

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