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Slow Food

farmers market

What is slow food? It’s the healthy and ecologically friendly alternative to fast food. Slow food is food grown locally, it’s organic, and nutritionally sound.

Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment.

A non-profit member-supported association, Slow Food was founded by Carlo Petrini in Italy in 1986 to counter the rise of fast food and fast life, the disappearance of local food traditions and people’s dwindling interest in the food they eat, where it comes from, how it tastes and how personal food choices affect the rest of the world. It was also established to counter the frenetic pace of modern life – to encourage us to slow down in every sphere.

Slow Food USA founder Josh Viertel wishes that American Society would return to eating together at the table, and having three square meals a day. Society has become used to eating on the run – not many people take the time to sit down and eat properly and healthfully – not just chow down on fast food because it’s convenient. (Kosher fast food may be convenient, but it certainly isn’t cheap). I know that I sit down and eat dinner with the kids almost every night – but there are some nights when we are just too busy. Thinking about sitting down three times a day to eat with family or with my spouse, well, it just seems too complicated.

We need to be better informed about where our food is grown, and even how it is grown – does the farmer use pesticides or is the food totally pesticide free? The Slow Food organization believes we should care that our food is grown locally, and support the local farmers and the local economy.

Is there a farmers’ market nearby? Have you checked out the produce? Does it seem visually more appealing that the produce that you find at your local supermarket? Talk to the farmers there, find out more about how they grow their crops. Try and make healthier choices at mealtimes – I know that I plan to do so.

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