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Stop The Burn With Burn Jel

burn jel

For the home cook to the famous chef, and everyone in between.
For over 25 years, Water-Jel® has been protecting firefighters, the military, and all areas of manufac-turing, from serious burns. Now it’s time to protect your home with Burn-Jel® Plus. Don’t let a burn slow you down when you are preparing food for your family this summer season.

Burn-Jel® Plus, when applied to the burn area,instantly cools and soothes. Formulated with Lidocaine, it provides fast-acting pain relief, and
lets you get back to what’s important this season.  Keep Burn-Jel® Plus in your kitchen, and enjoy the comfort of knowing that relief is at hand.

Get more information and learn where you can find it at Burn-Jel® Plus (