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Strawberry Soda Float **Kosher Recipe Linkup**

Quick & Kosher Strawberry Soda Float

I had such grand plans.  I always do.  In my mind I am doing it all - packing and prepping the house for the lift, finishing my book, managing a cookbook photo shoot, producing the JoyofAliyah documentary and developing and testing NEW recipes for you for our first ever Kosher Recipe Linkup.  Well at 11:19 pm just hours before we plan to post this I am looking at my kitchen which is upside down and inside out and in no mood to be worked out.  You know the saying about giving a busy person something to do -- well I don't have to wonder what happens when you give an overwhelmed person something to do.  Over the course of the last few weeks I have quite often found myself staring at the wall.  My kids follow my gaze, look at me, look at the wall, look back at me, wonder and then ask "Mommy, what are you looking at?"  At other moments I find myself repeating, out loud, "What was I going to do?  What did I come in here for?  What was I supposed to get?"  I am not sure I can ever remember a busier time in my life.  But alas the show must go on.  So I dug through my 430 plus kosher recipe archive here on and I found an oldie but goodie that first debuted in the premier issue of Joy of Kosher magazine.

Something I like to call, Strawberry Soda Float aka "The Skinny Strawberry Milkshake."  I have updated it a bit to tailor it to my intense efforts to cut the fat, calories and pounds.

sorbet float

I love love love adding fresh squeezed lemon or lime juice to super sweet summer fruits (watermelon, cantaloupe, and berries and such).  So with my Strawberry Soda float I use lemon lime seltzer and an additional BIG 'ol squeeze of fresh lime juice.

My (side of the) family is made up of a bunch of foreigners, Europeans (Transylvanians to be exact) and we always always always have bottles of club soda around en masse.  My mom and dad never leave home without one.  Seltzer bottles line the bottom of my dad's car, Perrier bottles are at the bottom of my mom's (she's a posh gal, that mom of mine).  Hubby knows to always have a costco case around for me, and a second for when my parents come to town.  For some reason I haven't seen the same seltzer craze at my American friends' homes, soda yes, club soda, not so much. Soda, in my house growing up, meant mixing orange juice with club soda (which I still do to this day, it's one of my favorite morning drinks!) or sweet sticky syrup that my grandfather bought at the Russian or Romanian store.  So this drink is an inspired throwback to the soda of my youth (which was over a quarter century ago - lol - sounds crazy when I put it that way, right?).

Anyhoo, I was saying that I updated my Strawberry Soda so if like me you are watching and waiting and watching and waiting for that weight to fall off, sub in Truvia for the sugar  in this recipe and a scoop of frozen yogurt in place of the strawberry ice cream.  If calories are not as important to you I suggest experimenting with some agave nectar or honey to taste in place of the sugar, both are a fantastic substitutes.  I happen to lu-huve honey in my coffee but that is another story for another linkup.

Enjoy my Skinny Strawberry Milkshake (aka Strawberry Soda Float) even if you are not watching your weight (if you're not, keep it to yourself :-) It's a bubbly, light, refreshing summery alternative to a thick and heavy milkshake.

Wish me luck with the lift tomorrow/today!

We'll post a clip on Wednesday at 7pm EST so you can see with your own eyes that yes my house AND KITCHEN are a total disaster.