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Sweet Designs


I feel like Amy and I are friends. Yes, we both do share a really good friend, Judy, who turned me onto Amy in the first place. But when you read her stuff and get the warm and fuzzies from her beautiful creations I think you'll also feel like you're friends with Amy. Amy's first book is now available for pre order (it's at the top of every list B&N, Amazon etc...) and I can't wait to get my copy.

Sweet Designs, just like her Sweet Sitewill inspire you to no end. She's actually a Sweets Stylist (to the stars) -- is that the coolest thing ever? Now the question is how does she stay so skinny? While the book is not kosher per se, from following Amy I know there are so many recipes that are inherently kosher (Amy does keep a kosher home) and recipes that are easily adaptable so we can go ahead and recreate these in our kitchens. The book, her site, the picts will all make you smile.

Have you guys heard of her? Lawyer turned Baker! Will you be buying the book? Let me know in the comments.

Shout out and Mazel Tov to you, Amy. I am so excited for you!