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Tamar and I "Celebrate" at Jezebel - VLOG

Jezebel Kosher Restaurant in Soho

Hey guys this is a quickie post cause I am running (late  as usual) to meet Shifra at the Gold's plant for a mag feature on the House that Horseradish Built, to be seen in the Passover Issue.

Last night Tamar and I went to Jezebel in Soho.  The experience was amazing and I am not overstating.  No, they did not know we were there - and no, they did not comp our meal (we paid full price and Hubby got the call from the credit card company to prove it).

I have been so busy as of late and been wanting to post about all the goings on but it's so hard to find the time so Hubby suggested I start vlogging.  So here is the first in what I hope will be a series of regular video blog posts.  We are getting used to the cam so sorry it's a bit shaky, and a bit dark and a bit hard to hear but I didn't want that to keep us from sharing our fabulous feast with you -- including 3, yes THREE!!!! - desserts.  That's just how I roll....

Outside Jezebel - there was no sign!  How very undercover of them.  Lucky we were hungry enough to figure it out.

Our apps.  The Risotto was excellenté!

Our mains.  In two parts.  Sorry told you we are just starting to learn the cam.  This is Tamar's Lamb Burger with surprise fries.

Here I breakdown my Bronzino.  It was probably the best bronzino I every had!!! The only thing left on the plate was the lemon peel.  The celery root mash was slightly sweet and smooth and the fresh parsley salad with paper thin red and yellow beets was refreshing and bright.

Uhm I think I should be embarrassed but I'm not. We I ordered 3 desserts.  So Jesse our server put a candle in one so folks would think we were celebrating something.  Everyone was wishing me happy birthday.

That's a wrap.