Tea Biscuit and Sorbet Tower Made with Sharon's Sorbet

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I featured Sharon’s Sorbet in my June Quick & Kosher Bites, but it may shock you to hear that their coconut sorbet once gave me one of the great scares of my life. It happened while I was recipe testing for my first book, Quick & Kosher  - Recipes From The Bride Who Knew Nothing. I was cooking up a storm, trying new ideas, and developing recipes. By the end of a day, I would have six or seven chicken dishes prepared, far more than Hubby and I could eat by ourselves. So I started handing out chicken and salads and desserts to my entire neighborhood - and it was great because I got tons of feedback. Now the scary part.

One Erev Shabbos, I gave my Tea Biscuit and Sorbet Tower, made with Sharon’s Coconut Sorbet, to a neighbor.

Of course, I kept some it for us too. At dessert time, I tasted it and went nuts. It was so good and so creamy that I was sure that the sorbet must have been dairy. I started freaking out, thinking that I had fed my neighbors a dairy dessert after a meat meal! I ran to the garbage to check the containers, but they were no longer there. So I ran over to my neighbors’ house to warn them, stop them, hoping they weren’t eating dessert yet. But I was too late – and with tears in my eyes, I explained that I had assumed that the sorbet must be pareve, but clearly, it must be dairy because… because… I mean, just taste it…. My neighbor calmed me down instantly. “Don’t worry,” she said, laughing, “Sharon’s Sorbet is always pareve.”

So go ahead – try them all and let me know your favorite flavor. And if you have any great sorbet recipes, please share them with me. It’s the perfect no-cook dessert – and it’s definitely pareve!