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Ten Best Jewish Travel Sites in Las Vegas


Photo Credit: misterbisson

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas and despite the deep recession that has sapped a great deal of strength from this city, there is still a whole lot happening in Vegas. The collapse of the new construction market and a general decline in tourism and convention business have made Vegas more affordable than ever before and midweek rates at four and five star hotels are available at prices so low you will think a zero is missing. If you are able to pry yourself away from the sportsbook or roulette table, you can take advantage of the many “only in Vegas” experiences that are offered daily and nightly and make Las Vegas a fantastic getaway. Another thing that is happening in Las Vegas is the tremendous growth of the Jewish community – nearly 100,000 Jews call Las Vegas home. Although (unfortunately) there are no synagogues walking distance to the hotels along the Las Vegas Strip, the surrounding area has twenty synagogues, two mikvaot and about a half dozen Kosher restaurants (many which will deliver food for those staying over Shabbat or Yom Tov).

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