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Testimonials for Joy of Israel and Joy of Aliyah with Jamie Geller

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(A small sampling of feedback from emails, Facebook and

To Jamie Geller:  I have been to Israel MANY times, having lived there for four years at one stretch but leaving for professional school at that time.  I already have a teudat zehut.  Permanent aliyah was in the cards for us, but a specific date was not set.  A month or so ago I was viewing your clip on your adventures following aliyah.  I said to myself,"why wait any longer?"  We are now scheduled to make the big move this coming January.  So, you must believe that one person can make a difference.  -Gary S

What a great honor it was to be with you and your family as you arrived on the Nefesh B’Nefesh flight making Aliyah.  Your presence was such an exciting moment for all of Israel.  I watched some of the clips from your video.  It was truly outstanding! -Russell R

Just watched your most recent video and have to admit I more than teared up (I'm sure the pregnancy hormones helped with the emotions B"H). You guys look great Baruch Hashem! Hope things have settled in for you guys and it gets easier by the day. Still strongly thinking about making the move, just really unsure where to go and how to even go about it. You're an inspiration in so many areas and I'm really happy for you guys. Have a chativa v'chatima tovah!!!-Yoseffa A

I love you’re episodes, I too want to make Aliyah so badly but hubby still scared!!!! Any advice to change his mind? My kids and I have watched the episodes from the beginning and with the last two episodes I was also crying with you guys so don’t worry we have a lot of criers. Mazel tov and hope you have lots of blessing in your new journey that is so much worth it. My sister in law also lives in your city and we went last pesach and its truly a beautiful amazing place. -Chaviva

My husband and I have been thinking about aliyah a lot but we finally decided to take the plunge and go IY”H this coming summer (we are actually looking at the beit shemesh / ramat beit shemesh area so we may be neighbors one day). Your Joy of Aliyah videos have really helped keep me strong. Thank you for sharing your experience. When are you posting the last episode? My 3 year old daughter asks me everyday if we can watch “the Israel movie” she loves seeing your kids in the videos! -RRapp

Hi Jamie. I was the fan who was SO EXCITED to see you at the NY wedding last week. I saw your last clip and it was unbelievable. I once again cried along with you as you peered out the window at the wonderful mountains. I’m glad your girls like school. Keep the videos coming your fans love them. Bhatzlacha -Mimi S

Mazel tov! Your arrival seemed so great. All the blessings for your new life in Eretz!!!
I hope one of these days I’ll be able to follow your steps of all of you Olim! -Igern

Wonderful, Jamie! I am so happy for you! Where exactly do you live now?
Anybody who sees this video I am sure will run to make Aliyah. -Chana Z

I am so excited for you! What nachas to Hashem! Thank you so much for starting what could very well be the next mass aliyah from New York to RBS! May Hashem bless us all to be zoche to follow b’shanah hazeh… Hatzlacha and Bracha Amein! -Marine P

Jamie, I got teary eyed watching this! You make me want to abandon everything and make aliyah! One day B''H  -DanceIllusions

Jamie... my husband (who is from Israel) wants us to move from the US and make aliyah in the next couple years. I'm excited but also sad and scared, so it was somehow helpful to see you being so emotional having to leave the States and your friends. Sometimes people can make it seem like if you move to Israel then you don't need to be sad about leaving your home here, which isn't true! Thank you for showing the true emotions behind your move. I cried like a baby through the video! mazal tov!! -kerswife

When my mind is filled with negativity I live this in my mind. From the packing and giving things away, the last Shabbat here, the farewell party and saying goodbye, the trip to the airport, the flight and landing. I talk and visualize the whole thing in my mind. I even have a part two where I see myself in my home in Israel. Unfortunately I do not merit to live this yet. G-d willing I pray it is soon. -mykidsmama

Awww! I count the days to see your episodes and I would love to ask you to please continue taping about your daily life there, ordinary things you do every day. My 13 year-old daughter has this love/fascination for everything related to Israel, and she asked us to take her there for her 15th birthday. Thank you for each video youmake and please keep them coming. -Lana D

YES Please [more videos] at least for a year. -KINDERKRAFTS

Yes, please continue taping!! At least for the first year so we can see a full year of living in Israel. Shana tova and chag sameyach! -nevrenson

I totally agree that you need to continue taping~ I also look forward to watching each episode. Everyday life in Israel. The good and the bad, film it. I am so happy for you and your wonderful family that you have made Aliyah. Many blessings to you! -Royor A

wowow ,i just finished watching all 8 episodes and wow are they inspiring it just makes me want2 move 2 israel or at least just visit,im from bklyn,but i had the chills watching this it was so beautiful and amazing 2just pick up your whole family k'h, and just jump right into the unknown, really really amazing i wanna wish u and ur family lotsa mazal bracha and hatzlacha and i cant wait for more episodes including the settling in so keep em coming and thank u for sharing them!!! -Harriet C

Mazel Tov! Please keep us updated! I've filled my initial paperwork out with NBN. Hope to come over after I finish med school. -JRichman

Thank you for taking me along on this journey . I am going to miss this. Please keep us posted on how you and your family are progressing and your wonderful experiences. -mcomeslast

I am hoping that every 6 months or so you will add something that is special that you have experienced by being there.  Just seeing you settling into your new life will continue the inspiration for others.  It has been a wonderful emotional trip for us all as we have followed you literally and figuratively.  Hatzlacha to you and your entire family.  -Fern S

I was so happy to see the article and picture of you and your family in the Jerusalem Post arriving on Nefesh B'Nefesh.  You add to the ever growing number of Akiba graduates who have made the right decision. - Phil F

I want to let you that Ceil and I have been enjoying (when we haven’t been crying) your videos enormously, because we, too, are making aliyah, probably in January…our house is up for sale, and we’re very excited. - David O

Post yom tov and I have finally had a chance to watch all of your videos.  I cried through every one of them and I can't stop crying now.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful and emotional journey.  I was truly right there with you in so many ways.  You never cease to amaze me, Jamie Geller. -Amy L

I welled up while watching this video. I wish you all well and please G-D I will be there soon too!! MAZAL TOV!! X  -bellafroggy

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Your strength and faith are inspiring. May your new move to this special land bring much bracha to you and your family. My family made Aliya in 1993 and I really connected to your videos. Have a Gmar Chasima Tova and say hello to your delicious kids knain ahora, from a Geller fan! -Hadassah F

Cried my eyes out during this whole video, still can't stop crying. Mazel Tov. -flowerstar36

Mazal Tov! What an emotional time! We all cried tears of joy, Jamie! -Florr07

I cried the whole time!! -Dessybaby1233