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What's the craziest food you craved while pregnant? We did a poll, and you won't believe the results! Here are the 35 craziest cravings that will either make you hungry...or not (see #5!). We also provided a few recipes so next time you can make your craving at home and won't have to send poor hubby out to buy it!

Plus, scroll down for the 6 funniest middle-of-the-night craving stories!

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35 Craziest Pregnancy Cravings

35. Bagels. But REAL bagels ... After making them once, I have been totally hooked, and keep making them so we almost always have some on hand.

34. French fries: Late at night in NYC we found a kosher place to order them! We phoned them, "We're on our way. Don't close!!" When we got there, the employee asked, "you want regular, or spicy curly?" Me- "BOTH! And do you have any mayo? I only see ketchup." "No, sorry," he said. My hubby (to save my life), said, "but you make tuna salad I see... you gotta have mayo in the kitchen?" The employee brought some mayo, and as we sat down to eat he said to hubby. "So... I hear husbands gain pregnancy weight too. Congrats."

33. Half sour pickles and potato cheddar pierogis!!



32. A craving that I had to make myself- I always wanted fountain soda- not just cold soda in a glass- real fountain soda- so I bought a super tall plastic cup and long straws and always had ice ready in the freezer and I would put way too much ice in the cup every time because that's how they do it and then fill it to the very top with soda and drink it with my straw...but it was still never perfect.

31. I craved restaurant pizza for a week; by the time I got, my hands on some, it was so bad that I ate 7 slices!

30. Tater tots and mashed potatoes.


Crispy Fish with Seasoned Tater Tots

29. In the third trimester I drank MILK MILK MILK. We went through 3 cartons a week because of me (2 person family at that point). I’d drink it straight from the carton, half a carton at a time.

28. Freezing cold sugar drinks of any kind. Ice coffee, iced tea, soda.... It has to be freezing cold though!!

27. Beef broccoli and rice like at American Chinese restaurants. I ended up making it…

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26. Sushi! That and a double crusted pizza with onions and olives.

25. Israeli Shwarma I think I ate at least one a day.



24. Root beer, ravioli, kubeh soup, dumplings.

23. Sour lollypops and Mana Chama (beef flavored ramen instant noodle soup sold in Israel).

22. Cheese fries with Ranch dressing -- got pretty good at making it myself!

21. I suddenly had cravings for the Russian food my great grandma used to make when I was 4 !!! Most shockingly semolina porridge as well (which i never used to like)... I called my grandma to ask how to make it and it tasted terrible lol but still I craved it. 

20. I needed chewy chocolate chip cookies, I once walked all through town buying cookies from six or seven stores. I would take one and then decide that 'it wasn't right' and make my husband finish it. I was so upset and frustrated. In the end he made me some at home and I was in heaven….They were so so good, made with butter instead of margarine, that was my sticking point, only with butter!


chocolate chip crunch cookies

19. Olives. I hate olives but craved them and when I tasted them I still hated them and almost threw up.

18. Fake cheese products (cheese curls etc...)- this turned out to be a very expensive craving, and Chinese food- also difficult in Israel- went to Tel Aviv from Jerusalem once just for Chinese food and then was too nauseous to eat it .

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17. My weirdest cravings were scrambled eggs (I'm allergic to eggs) and pop tarts. The egg craving was so bad that one time I gave in and ate them, then spent the whole night vomiting. I had my mom mail me organic kosher pop tarts at one point. Also had a few weeks when literally all I could stomach eating were hamburgers and potato latkes.


smores pop tarts

16. For my first I wanted "poutine" all the time. It is a special thing they make in Quebec, Canada: French fries with cheese and gravy sauce. For my second, I wanted green crunchy grapes every day. It wasn't the season but my parents in law still made sure I had some in the fridge, always (at 60 shekels per pound!!). I ate green crunchy grapes EVERY single night for 6 months! My daughter absolutely loves green crunchy grapes...hmmm. 

15. Hot and sour soup. I literally tried to pay a chef at a Chinese restaurant in the mall in Jerusalem to make it for me and when that failed, tried to make it myself which was an even bigger failure.


hot and sour soup

14. I made fried chicken and mashed potatoes. The weirdest craving though was chopped liver which I ate for breakfast.

13. Lemons dipped in sugar. I would take a whole lemon slice it and dip in sugar. I still crave it some times. Also anything sour, sour gummy worms, zours....

12. Citrus Schweppes. (3 cans at once!) Rice Krispie Treats. And on the last pregnancy, soft boiled eggs, haloumi cheese and roasted tomatoes.


Mike and Ike Rice Krispy Treats

11. Hamburgers!

10. Sushi rice, basil ice cream, and kale chips.

9. Pumpkin soup. I had to go home as quick as possible and I ate it cold. That was absolutely insane.


creamy pumpkin soup

8. Rice cake with peanut butter and cheese. Had a craving for that the other day and ran to take a pregnancy test. I guess it just stayed with me... 

7. All I eat are egg sandwiches with cheese. Usually on homemade sourdough bread with tomato, Amba, avocado and lettuce (or beet greens cooked into the eggs). Literally every day most weeks, sometimes for every meal. I don't even know where one would buy a sandwich like that…

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6. Spicy chips, spicy fries, peanut butter and pickles sandwich!!

5. Mustard and canned sardines. Gross! (To me now).

4. Fried bananas with onions....


Sweet Plantains

3. Mentos and chocolate milk. I had to be chewing the Mentos at the same time I was drinking the chocolate milk. They had to be together. Couldn't eat each alone. 

2. Flaming hot Cheetos. My husband tried to recreate them using bamba... bad move.

And the winner is...

1. Pita filled with pineapple, tomato purée and cheese, then toasted. Thirteen months after giving birth one evening I asked my hubby to make it again. He answered "Why? Are you pregnant?" I tested the next morning - Positive!


apple cheddar monte cristo

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6 Craziest Middle-of-the-Night Cravings

6. Pad Thai. I woke my husband up at 2am to tell him that. Poor guy didnt know what that was. LOL I ended up having some like a day before delivery but didn’t hit the spot.

5. Bananas! At 4 in the morning! When we had none in the house! It was seriously so intense that it woke me out of a dead sleep. I swear I heard my twins in utero yelling as I was just waking up, "we want bananas!!" I pondered waking hubby to go scrounge a few up for me at 4am, ditched that idea, and tried a banana flavored popsicle from the freezer. Babies did NOT approve. About the time the entire popsicle hit bottom, it all came right back up again.

4. My husband still teases me because I woke him up in the middle of the night wailing, "Sushi! Suuuuuuushiiiiiii!" (avocado, no raw fish).

3. WATERMELON! …I would wake up CRYING for watermelon. And there was none to be had anywhere. (We were living in Ramat Gan at the time). One day I went to Tel Aviv (Dizengoff) and found tiny watermelons in an extremely expensive fruit boutique. Bought 3, took a taxi home. Did whatever I had to do. Ate all 3 at one sitting.....heaven!


Watermelon Rind Pickles

2. No-bake chocolate cookies at 3AM. Made the whole batch, ate half and hid the other half from my husband. 

1. Shoko b'sakit (chocolate milk in a bag)... Poured it into a Ziploc bag at 12 at night just to have!!


Zesty Citrus Dark Chocolate Milkshake

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