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The Best Gadgets For DIY Vegetable Chips


Do you ever make your own veggie chips? It is my favorite snack and almost all vegetables can be turned into a chip.  I don't even really like potato chips, but I love hot and fresh from the oven baked potato chips which my husband requests practically every Saturday night.  Sometimes I can convince him to have my Zucchini Chips  or my Carrot Chips.   The issue with all of these recipes is that they need to be cut thin and evenly.  The trick for the slicing is a good mandoline.

This mandoline from OXO has a nice guard and a sharp blade with a few different slicing options, you can use it for julienne cutting too.  With all mandolines be careful and make sure there is a good guard and they are very safe.


Then I usually bake them in the oven, but I need a really large pan and a little oil.  Unless you use the microwave.  What!?  I thought this would never work, but it really does and the best way to microwave your chips is to get this Mastrad Chip Maker set, this one even comes with a mandoline, but I recommend getting them separate and make sure to get two trays, they stack!!


Get your snack on this year the healthy way.