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The Best Immersion Blender

kitchen aid hand blender

One of the best inventions of all time has got to be the immersion blender.  I mean how many people have burned themselves pouring hot soup into a blender and who can wait for the soup to cool off?  Not me, that is for sure.  One of my very first kitchen gadgets was one of these hand held blenders.  It came with a nice large cup that I loved to puree anything from smoothies to eventually babyfood.  The best part is, these little gadgets don't take up any space.  So even in my small kitchen with two sets of everything, I can have two of these, the question is which one to choose.

I really love my Kitchen Aid 5 Speed Hand Blender you can read about here, but it does take up a bit more space and so for today I am going to talk about the basic ones, that just come with a cup.

kitchen aid hand blender

Kitchen Aid also makes this 2 speed blender.  Really you don't need anything more. And if your kitchen is color coded for meat and dairy this one can fit right in, it comes in quite a few colors.  It purees soups easily, blends smoothies and gets the job done and at under $50 it can fit into anyone's kitchen.

The Cuisinart basic hand blender is also a great choice.  It comes in a multitude of colors too and with its own beaker.  At only $35 you can't go wrong.

cuisinart hand blender

hamilton beach immersion blender

This Hamilton Beach model includes a whisk attachment and is only $20.  It is a perfectly good hand blender without any bells ans whistles.  It does not come in any color, but white.  It does not come with a handy beaker and the bottom is made of plastic, so you might not want to put in a soup that is on direct heat.  Based on your needs it could be a fine blender for smoothies and light use maybe as your good for Passover.

Do yo have an immersion blender? Which one is your favorite?