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The Best Salad Tools

salad bowl

We love salads, they can be made up of any mix of vegetables, the options are endless.  The popularity of salad bars all over have consistently grown over the last 30 or so years because we also all love to make it our own and choose from lots of toppings.  You don't have to go out to have salad bar fun, consider making your own.  Check out these kitchen gadgets to make salad bar creations that much more fun.

salad spinner

It all starts with the lettuce and no body likes it soggy.  Try this Zyliss Salad Spinner with a retractable easy pull cord and a stop button, your lettuce will get dry and crisped with little effort on your part.

salad chop and toss

The other thing we love about salad bars is the way they toss and chop it all together for us.  No worries, get your self this Salad Chop and Toss which easily chops fruits and veggies right in the bowl.  No need for a separate cutting board!

The other chopper option is one of these Mezzaluna, which chops herbs and veggies with a rocking motion.  Great for mincing herbs for dressing or other recipes, but it can also chop your salad right in the bowl just like at the salad bar.

salad dressing mixer

Get a few of these Salad Dressing Makers and prepare a few dressings so you always have your favorites to choose from and can easily add variety.

Don't forget the salad bowl.  A big stainless bowl is best especially if chopping and tossing in the bowl for a lot of people.

salad bowl

Enjoy your salads all year long, no more waiting in line!!