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The Best Ways To Serve Chips and Dips

core bamboo

Whether you are having people over to watch the big game or just for snacks, we all love serving chips or veggies and dips.  Sure you can use any old plate and bowl, but let's make life a little easier and serving a lot more fun.

anchor chips and dip

This chip and dip set keeps your dip bowl away from the chips so that you won't crush any chips.  The curvy bowl adds a little bit of style to your party and the depth can fit a whole lot of chips.  If you like to serve more than one dip try this Chip and Dip Set from Prodyne that comes with two attachable dip bowls.   Both bowls are great for salads too, you can keep the dressing or other salad toppings in the dip bowls.

glass chips and dip

If you prefer a more elegant glass look try this Luigi Bornioli 2 piece set that is dishwasher safe.  This shape also makes it easier to offer different veggies or a two different kinds of chips around the dip bowl.

core bamboo

For a greener/more natural look go with Core Bamboo, this version has 4 separate sections so you can really offer variety.

enrico wood divided bowl

If you want to go with something more unique and hand made try something from Enrico.  This divided tray can work for a small gathering and would look absolutely gorgeous.