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The Kindergarten Sukkah Hop – Jamie Needs Your Help!

I can speak to an audience of 200 people, no problem. (Okay, in truth, I’m backed up by my entire family praying for me at the exact moment I’m to start my speech. But I can do it.) In fact, many of you know me through my speaking tours when my first Quick & Kosher cookbook was published. Now that I’m about to publish my second book, Quick & Kosher –Meals in Minutes, I hope to see you in the audience once again.

But I digress. Back to the hop and why I need your help. In a moment of total madness, I decided to be Mom of the Year and volunteered our family sukkah as the first stop on a 3-part Sukkah Hop for kids aged 3-5. I have to feed and entertain them for 10 long minutes.

Don’t laugh. You can’t imagine how nervous I am about this. So the first dilemma is what to serve: can’t be too junky or mommies get mad; can’t be too healthy because my own kids will be irreparably humiliated. They’ll say something like, “Do you think my friends came here because they’ve never seen a cucumber?” Yes, sarcasm from a four year old. It chills the soul.

And then I have to come up with an activity. “Just read a sukkah story,” I was told, but what will captivate 15 restless little kiddies? I want to make my children proud. I want them to feel special to have the hop hosted in our sukkah. But what to do?

This blog is usually full of advice, but now I’m turning the tables. If you have a fun activity or sukkah nosh idea for me – bring it on. Please!