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The Making of A Cookbook Part #1


The rumors are true. I am working on my 3rd book, thank G-d.

I have done many things in my life both personally and professionally. But writing a cookbook is one of the single most difficult of them all.

And even with that said I am so thankful to G-d that I have this opportunity once again.

So that explains why I have been writing a little less online these days because I really have been up to my eyeballs in recipe testing and book writing. I am writing and cooking and writing and cooking and writing some more. This is almost like a memoir -- ok it most probably is a memoir. I am just waiting to deliver the first chapter to my editor and see what she says because I may be about 500 pages over count. I always joke about my first book that I wrote the book, a semi autobiography, and then was like "oh yeah, I need recipes here". The joke, not haha funny, but ever so slightly humorous, stemmed from my lack of kitchen prowess. But now I am writing like crazy because I just have so much to say. I can't explain it, it's all just pouring out of me. I have written a huge chunk of this book on my iPhone in the middle of the night after not being able to fall back to sleep post feeding, pacifying, or re-situating baby.

I figured it would be fun to chronicle the making of the cookbook. What we like to call a BTS (behind the scenes) look at what goes into all of this. It ain't easy as you will see, there are a lot of moving parts and dirty dishes and a few unwanted pounds as I taste-test my way through each chapter. I am scared to see what happens when I get to the dessert section. Seriously scared for my life, my skirt, my profile. But that's not for another few weeks so as Hubby says, "wasted emotions" and "cross that bridge when you..." well, you know the rest.

Join me on this journey. It really helps to get some support from you all as I take this on again.

What's the hardest thing, aside from parenting children, that you've ever done in your life?