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The Return of Mike & Ike

Mike and ike

Did you hear the news? Mike & Ike are back together and I got to go to their reunion party!!!

I remember the day my 8 year old noticed the scratched out Mike on the package of Mike & Ikes and then at some point the scratched out Ike, we followed the story from the sidelines, wondering what was going on with our favorite chewy candies (that I allow and even enjoy in moderation).  Now with the premiere of their movie trailer, The Return of Mike and Ike, the candy duo is reunited and better than ever.


With the support from Grammy winning artist, Nelly, Mike and Ike are back and more passionate than ever about their candy.

large mike and ike

With new packaging (shown here in giant size by my sister in law) and a new flavor, Strawberry Reunion, inspired by Mike's hip-hop song "Strawberry or Die" all of the flavors better than ever and made with real fruit juice.  I can get behind that, can't you?