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The Secret Israeli Ingredient That Will Change Your Diet


Not long ago I was eating a delicious Crème Brûlée at a popular restaurant in Tel-Aviv when I noticed the chef had used sesame as his main ingredient. As I savored my dessert, I started thinking about these flavorful little seeds and just how central they are to Israeli cuisine.

In fact, you could call sesame the king of Israeli cuisine.

Thankfully sesame is also good for you. Actually, sesame seeds are little energy bombs. They’re not only full of nutrients, but they’re also some of the best sources of calcium. That’s why I start my day with sesame. Along with my morning cup of coffee, I mix a teaspoon of raw tahini (made from 100% sesame) with a teaspoon full of silan (date honey). It’s my daily adrenaline shot. In the afternoon, when I need to raise my blood sugar, I also snack on some curly sweet halva or break off a small piece of vanilla halva.

There are countless delicacies you can prepare with sesame seeds and sesame products. I've chosen to share my secret recipes for fresh colorful tahini.

The good news is that instead of buying at the grocery the pre-prepared tahini paste, you can easily prepare at home healthier fresh tahini that contains no stabilizers and preservatives. While the traditional tahini spread contains only raw tahini, water, lemon and some salt - my colorful tahini pastes will upgrade every meal and surprise your guests.

Make your own colourful acorn squash, beet, spinach and silan tahini with this Colorful Tahini Recipe.