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The Smart Kosher Traveler’s Gadgets (+ Handy Jewish Apps)


With all the gadgets and gear available nowadays, kosher travel is becoming easier and easier. There are so many ways to make your vacation more entertaining, more comfortable and stress-free...and we’ve been noticing the difference over the years we’ve been involved with Eddie’s Kosher Travel. Here are a few things we reach for when we pack up the family for a trip:


Luggage scale - This is a must, because it takes all the guesswork out of making sure your suitcases are not overweight and you don’t pay hefty airline fees. Bring one along to make sure the souvenirs you purchased along the way don’t give you trouble.  This one by Magellan is under $12.

Adaptors and chargers - When it comes to electronics and international travel, it’s best to buy multi country adapters. Pack chargers in a ziploc bag in your hand luggage so you can repower in airports or rest stops along the way if needed. Before you check out of hotels, remember to remove all chargers from outlets before you leave the premises. In a bind, some hotels do have spare chargers (from lost and found) if you ask.

Tablet and entertainment - On our last trip we downloaded some shows and movies on our tablet and were able to pleasantly pass the time while waiting for connecting flights on a long trip. Load it up with Jewish videos your kids can watch so they won’t be bored. This is a great gadget to have with you.

Travel pillow - Snuggle up and get some shut-eye during flights and car rides with a comfy travel pillow. Lots of cozy ones can be found with a quick online search. Who says you have to get a stiff neck when you travel?

Kosherclock3 - Here’s a kosher travel clock approved by rabbis...does that mean you could eat it? Well, not really, but the Kosherclock3 has a weekday mode, Shabbos mode and travel mode to make sure you’re on time wherever you are - even on Shabbos overseas. Check out the features and you’ll see why you need it.

Bonus: Handy Apps

Do you have a smartphone? Of course you do. Click into your phone’s app store and download these winners:

TripIt - “TripIt drags traveling kicking and screaming into the 21st century.” That’s their tagline. It turns all your flight, hotel and rental car confirmation emails into simple, mobile travel itineraries just by hitting forward.

FlightTrack - Track flights with this zoomable app that simulates the plane progressing towards its arrival airport. It’s easy to use and it provides departure and arrival information, plus gate and baggage-claim information, all refreshed every five minutes. It also works with TripIt.

Kosher GPS - Find nearby kosher restaurants, mikvahs and minyanim wherever you are. Kosher GPS has daily updates and thousands of locations, and it even offers free discount coupons.

Shabbat & Holiday Times - This app from shows you candle lighting times as well as when Shabbat and holidays end. It also provides quick access to more information on the upcoming parsha and Jewish holidays from their huge database. Times are automatically selected based on your current location or you can choose to show times for other locations.

Siddur - A siddur app takes the weight out of your luggage and dissolves it into your sleek phone. App stores offer siddurs for all kinds of styles and nusachs, so pick your choice. Just remember that if you’re traveling somewhere without a minyan, you can’t use it on Shabbos so bring a real siddur with you!

What are YOUR go-to travel gadgets?