Which Ice Cream Machine Should You Buy?

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You’ll Love Your Ice Cream Machine!

Think it’s hard or time-consuming to make your own ice cream? Ice cream machines like the ones below do the magic for you. Faige Sprecher from The Kitchen Clique fills us in on the best options for the at-home ice cream chef.


For Do-It-Yourselfers
CUISIPRO MANUAL ICE CREAM MAKER $59.99 at kitchenclique.com

I suppose some people need ice cream all the time, even during a power outage. Others like to go back to the basics. The Cuisipro uses no electricity—simply chill the cylinder overnight, prepare your recipe and pour it in, give the machine a few cranks, and presto. Twenty minutes later, you have ice cream.


For the Practical
CUISINART ICE-21 $49.99   CUISINART ICE-30BC $79.99  at kitchenclique.com

The popular Cuisinart machine is super easy to use, with great results in about 20 minutes. “I also like the 2 quart model, the stainless steel
Cuisinart Pure Indulgence ICE-30BC,” says Faige. More ice cream? Who could say no to that! “But—you can’t just say, ‘I’m making ice cream.’ The bowl must be put in the freezer in advance.”



Need ice cream anytime, all the time, and on a whim? “This is the king of ice cream machines. It has its own compressor, so the bowl doesn’t need to be stored in the freezer in advance,” says Faige. But, convenience comes at a price.


For Entertainers
BACK TO BASICS ICE CREAM MACHINE $79.99 at kitchenclique.com

A large 4 quart capacity and an authentic old-fashioned look, this model offers enough ice cream for a crowd at a price well lower than the similar White Mountain machines.


For Kids Who Want to Help
PLAY AND FREEZE ICE CREAM MAKER $29.99 at The Kitchen Clique
“This looks like a toy… but it really works! Fill the ball up, toss it around, and it makes great ice cream,” Faige tells us. “The kids love getting involved.”

Prefer Soft Serve?


When it works, it’s really good,” says Faige of Cuisinart’s ICE-45 Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker, priced at $99.99. “But you have to work on it to get it right—once you get your recipe to the right consistency, you’ll enjoy this machine.”

Do yo own an ice cream maker?