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Many families have varied age groups and taste preferences. Satisfying everyone, every day, & every dinner can become quite challenging. The following two dinner concepts, grilled chicken & fried fish are protein & vegetable forward dinners that provide enough variation to (hopefully) please everyone at your dinner table. 

An additional perk with this concept is that they work incredibly as make-ahead lunch ideas too. 


Grilled Chicken 3 Ways

Asian-Inspired Orange-Ginger Dressing85

Grill up some chicken (click here for recipe) and serve it over salad with pita chips, on a skewer or in a pita.

Serve the salad, pita and/or skewers with chimichurri mayo or an Asian-inspired orange ginger dressing. 


Oven Fried Fish 3 Ways

Oven Fried Fish 3 Ways

Make this crunchy, flavorful oven-fried fish recipe. Serve it in tacos or with a fresh purple cabbage slaw. Make it even simpler by baking them off like nuggets and serve with sliced tomatoes. 

The chili lime dressing pairs well with every plating option.