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10 Oil-Free Recipes

Summer Rolls

I'm slow to admit that I may be a bit heavy-handed when it comes to oil, there's something to love about the sound of it simmering in a pan ready to make anything you throw at it taste good.  As of late, my family has become suspicious about just how necessary all of this oil is. With that in mind, I started exploring oil-free recipes here at Joy of Kosher and was surprised to find that dishes from a plentitude of cuisines can be made oil-free.  I'm not planning to say good-bye to oil for good, but I'm definitely ready to cut back and am glad that there are many recipes on the site, including the ones below, that will make this task easier.

Mexican Burgers with Flour Tortillas

What's better than a burger in the summer?  Well, that would be easy: a burger topped with guacamole.  Serve the Mexican Burgers with Flour Tortillas with grilled corn, peaches and plums for a healthy and satisfying meal.

Pico de Gallo

Staying with the Latin inspired cuisine, but focusing on the dairy side of things are the Confetti Quesadillas with Cilantro Yogurt Dip.  If, like me,  you're not a big cilantro fan just go easy on the amount you put with the dip, you'll still get the tanginess without an overwhelming cilantro flavor.  Or try the Roasted Red Pepper Dip and Pico de Gallo.

eggplant parmesan

Another great dairy favorite gone oil-free is Suri's Special Eggplant Parmesan.  When I think Italian automatically I reach for the oil, although honestly I probably do that with all cuisines.  This recipe is not wanting for oil, and psychologically I think that knowing that a dish this decadent is not swimming in calories makes it taste even better.

Lamb Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

For a light, satisfying meat meal in the summer try the Lamb Bacon Wrapped Asparagus.  They're great for entertaining or an a family meal.  Serve them with the Celery Root, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes and the Sweet and Sour Watermelon Salad.

Summer Rolls

The Summer Rolls are great as an appetizer or a main meal.  The crispy crust and vegetables taste great alongside imitation crab or your fish of choice.  If you serve it as an appetizer, also try the Edamame Avocado Dip.

Oil Free