10 Sweet and Savory Honey Recipes

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Honey does more than sweeten tea and suppress a cough. Honey has many versatile benefits in the kitchen, from replacing other granulated sweeteners in baked goods and other desserts to balancing the acidity and salt of salad dressings with a natural sweetness and mouth-filling texture. For many home cooks who think about honey during breakfast, they may be surprised to learn that many savory dishes will also benefit from adding honey.

Honey enhances browning and helps food retain moisture. That is why honey is a common ingredient in many marinades and sauces for meat, chicken and fish. Honey is sweeter than other granulated sweeteners - so you can use less - and it has a unique flavor profile that enhances every dish. There’s actually more than 300 varietals of honey in the United States. (check out www.honeylocator to find varietals from your region)

Try these sweet and savory recipes to discover how honey can bring out the best flavors in your kitchen.

Asian Vegetables with Quinoa

Asian Vegetables with Quinoa

Honey is a common ingredient in many Asian foods.  Not only does it offer natural sweetness to counterbalance the salty and spicy flavors, but it also provides a thicker coating that sticks to the food.

herbed meatloaf

Herbed Meatloaf

The flavor and juices of the meatloaf are sealed in by the extra coating of tomato paste mixed with honey that is slathered on top.

Honey Pecan Chicken

Honey Pecan Chicken

Honey and mayo combine to coat the chicken before being dredged in pecans and breadcrumbs.  The honey helps keep the chicken breast moist while also working to cling to the breading.

simple salmon

Neshe's Simple Salmon

Salmon never got easier than this recipe and a little honey goes a long way to make a salmon everyone will love.

Red Snapper

Red Snapper with Asian Noodles

Red snapper is marinaded in a an asian blend of sauces for a balance of sweet, spicy and salty.


Apple Honey Marinade For Chicken

A chicken marinade from our BBQ professional, honey works great on the grill.


Cider Glazed Vegetables

The honey balances the apple cider vinegar in this vegetable side dish.


Apple Crunch Bread Pudding

This breakfast bread pudding is perfect to use up leftovers.  Honey is a surprise  ingredient in the custard used to soak the bread


Curried Coconut Couscous

This flavorful coconut and curry couscous filled with apricots is laced with the sweet taste of honey.   It can be served warm or prepared ahead and served cold the next day.

challah - Tamar

Whole Wheat Challah

This whole wheat challah recipe has a great texture due to the use of honey.  Give it a try.

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This post and giveaway is sponsored by the National Honey Board, all opinions are my own.