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15 Travel Friendly Recipes


It's officially fall here in New England!  The beautiful scenery makes me want to go outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous colors of fall, not to mention the necessary road trips to go apple and pumpkin picking.  Here in the suburbs of Philadelphia (where I attend college) I'm just a stones throw away from hiking trails and the farms of Lancaster County.  I'm done with midterms and looking to spend sometime outside, which means packing travel friendly foods (there aren't too many kosher options in Amish country!) for my time on the road.  Below are 15 recipes to take on your travels.


Quinoa is my go-to starch when traveling, and everyday, really!  It is a protein filled base that will support just about anything you pair with it.  From Apple and Cinnamon to Citrus Scented Quinoa and California Raisin Salad.  Or try quinoa salads such as Quinoa, Black Bean & Mango Salad, Black Quinoa Asian Slaw, and good old Quinoa Salad.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

I'm not going to lie, these bars aren't diet food but they are delicious and will give you energy.  Some, like the Power Packed Oat Bars with Cranberries, Apricots and Pumpkin Seeds orGluten Free Miracle Chocolate Chip Bars make for a good breakfast or snack.  The Sweet Peanut Butter Cereal BarCrunchy Maple Brown Sugar Granola Bars, or Chewy Chocolate Chip Granola Bars are a nice treat after a day spent traveling.

Roast Beef Sandwiches White Bean Salad

In addition to the classic PB&J, some travel friendly sandwiches include the delicious Roast Beef Sandwich or Chunky Tuna Sandwiches.  Or stick to the veggies with Roast Pepper and Pesto Tea Sandwiches, Oven Roasted Falafel or Ultimate Veggie Sliders.  To prevent soggy bread, spread condiments in the middle of the sandwich or wait to assemble the sandwiches until you're ready to eat.

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