Shorter days and longer sleeves can only mean one thing. SOUP Season! Ok..maybe more than soup season, but Everything Goes Down Better with Soup.

In the northern and eastern states our hearts pitter-patter a bit faster at the thought of hearty flavors and thick, stick to your ribs soups and stews. Live in warmer climes? The flavors of fall can be yours but perhaps not with as thick and heavy soups.

But, the result is the same, fall is soup season and you can get your soup on with some of these tips.

Soups can be divided into 2 types. Creamy thick soups such as: purees and bisques. Or, thinner broths and stocks with vegetables, meats, grains and other goodies, floating around in it! There you have it. Soup demystified!

Soup Thickeners

Flour and cornstarch are reliable but a bit old school methods of thickening soups and stews that don't add flavor or nutrition. We can do better than that!

Modern cooks use potatoes (sweet and russet), canned or fresh pumpkin, cashews (these versatile nuts cook up creamy and neutrally flavored), pureed beans, tomato paste, roasted garlic, cooked rice and vegetable purees. Add flavor and thickness to your soups and stews with one of these thickening agents.


A bowl of homemade soup is beautiful to behold, but why not embellish it with fresh herbs, croutons, popcorn (yes, popcorn on tomato soup is fun!), homemade crackers, a drizzle of good evoo, toasted grains, paprika flavored oil*, sauteed smoky olives and more.