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3 Healthy Ways To Fill Your Lunch Bag

Refreshing Quinoa Salad

Everyone gets excited when lunch time comes. It's a time to finally take a break and take the needed meal you've been waiting for. The advantage of packing your lunch yourself is that there won't be any surprise: you know exactly what you will be eating and how fresh and healthy your ingredients are.

It is practically impossible to control and know what you put in your body when constantly eating out. A healthy and light lunch filled with a good amount of Superfoods will keep your brain energized all day without making you want to take a nap.

Packing your lunch with high-fiber foods such as gluten free grains (quinoa, buckwheat, millet, brown rice...) will help you feel full with a low amount of calories. Add some refreshing greens and the protein of your choice and you will have a healthy lunch bag!  Nothing better than a delicious homemade lunch to make all your co-workers jealous!

Here are 3 recipes you can include in your lunch today!

Refreshing Quinoa Salad

This healthy vegetarian Refreshing Quinoa Salad takes advantage of summertime and its amazing products. It is hearty enough to fill you up, but still light so it doesn't feel too heavy.  The perfect combination of the soft mozzarella and avocados, the juicy tomatoes and the crispy quinoa creates a mouthwatering gluten-free lunch bowl.

Cream Cheese and Smoked Salmon Wrap

Bringing this delicious Savory, Lemon-Chive Cream Cheese And Smoked Salmon Wrap from home will make your break so enjoyable! This lunch is not only super simple but is also special because it combines the delicate flavors of: smoked salmon with fresh greens, mushrooms and a savory lemon-chive cream cheese spread. By making this wrap yourself, instead of eating out, you'll know exactly what is going into every bite!

Buckwheat Burger

This Buckwheat Burger recipe screams “super burger”! Buckwheat is a superfood, gluten free, full of nutrients and good for your heart. It’s not only incredibly healthy, it’s also super delicious and easy. This burger will fill you up for your lunch and keep your diet on track! Veggie burger never tasted so good!