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3 Kosher Quiche Recipes Inspired By Favorite Soups

french onion quiche

I love eating soup and experimenting with the many ways you can turn simple ingredients into delicious meals but when it comes to summertime, I stay away. Instead, I like to make things that taste like my favorite types of soups but in other forms so I get great flavor without the sweats and that’s what inspired me to make these quiches.  French Onion Quiche, Potato Leek Quiche and Tomato-Basil and Goat Cheese Quiche are all my takes on some of my favorite soups but with some twists.

Who doesn't love French-Onion Soup? Onions caramelized with thyme in a cheesy filling and topped with nutty Gruyere cheese is just a deconstructed French onion soup which traditionally has caramelized onions in a beef broth and topped with a cheesy crouton and this quiche does it justice. I made it for a recent party and it was practically gone before I could come back with my plate to try a piece. Gruyere cheese used to be almost impossible to find kosher in America but a new kosher cheese company marketed as “It’s a Good Life” has come out with a kosher version that I found in my local ShopRite and I was thrilled.

quiche generic

Potato Leek Quiche

Potato Leek soup is my go to soup for company because it is hearty, filling and flavorful.  Even though potato-leek soup is traditionally made dairy with the addition of cream and butter, I often like to make it pareve and serve it with a meat meal. To showcase the pareve version of the soup I came up with this pareve quiche which would make a great side dish for any meal. I used Tofutti sour cream in place of the real stuff which actually lends almost identical texture to the quiche and rice milk which I prefer to soy milk for its milder flavor. For those of you dairy lovers who would want the super dairy version I’ve provided that alternative as well, Dairy Potato Leek Soup. To get the essence of the soup in this quiche I put a delicious and creamy leek filling into a shredded potato crust. Yup, you heard right-a shredded potato crust. Crazy? Yes. Un-traditonal? Yes. Delicious? Oh yes!  With each bite you get some crispy potato crust and leek filling and between me and you, you'll forget all about the soup.

tomato quiche

Tomato Basil and Goat Cheese Quiche

For the grand finale- my tomato-basil and goat cheese quiche, a take-off on a tomato soup I make that is enhanced with fragrant basil and served with a fried goat cheese crouton- and this one is a real star. The sweet acidity of the tomato combined with the perfumy basil and the creamy tang of the goat cheese just tantalizes the taste buds. Enjoy these quiches with a light salad and beat the heat!