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4 Easy Dinner Recipes Using Leftover Rice

vegetable biryani

Do you ever wonder how rice seems to multiply.  Maybe it is just me, but I can never make the right amount of rice, there is always too much.  Don't get me started on leftover Chinese take out.  Luckily for you and me I discovered that leftover rice is actually like a surprise present.  You can even stick it in the freezer and take it out later to turn into a whole new dish that practically begs for day old (or even weeks old) rice.

Mushroom Fried Rice

Mushroom Fried Rice

Chinese fried rice is nothing new, that is for sure what those take out places do with their extras.  The difference is you can get much more creative when you are home, no peas and carrots for my rice.  Try this Mushroom Fried Rice with a little egg and some tofu it is a full meal.

Meixcan Fried Rice

Mexican Fried Rice

Now, consider this, you don't have to stop with Asian cuisine.  All flavor profiles go with rice.  When I realized that all flavor profiles go with rice, that opened an even larger world for fried rice.  Start with this Mexican Fried Rice with beans and peppers and move on to your favorite flavor combinations.

Get inspired by 8 Fried Rice Recipes.

Use your leftover rice in another way and turn it into fritters.  Again there are many ways to go here flavor wise.  In this recipe I was inspired by a veggie burger, but I found them to be more like fritters then a burger.  Still filling enough to be a meal, I just wouldn't want to put them on a bun.

My latest find is this Indian specialty,Biryani.  From what I could find online, this is not an authentic recipe and you are not supposed to use leftover rice, but it tastes authentically delicious so I am okay with it, hope you are too.  The best thing about this rice is that the longer it sits the better it tastes, so it is perfect for these early Shabbat Friday night dinners we will be preparing for soon.

Note: all these recipes can be made with white or brown rice.

If you love rice I highly recommend getting a rice cooker, check out the Best Rice Cookers to buy and treat yourself.

How do you use your leftover rice?