5 Easy and Elegant Weeknight Pasta Dinners

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Pecorino Baked Penne

We all have those nights when we crave pasta, or at least a satisfying and quick meal.  Tuesdays are my 5-minute dinner days, I just can't bring myself to stay in the kitchen for very long.  I'm not sure why, but we all have those days and a great solution is a pasta dinner.  Everything in moderation, including carbs, is my motto so why not treat yourself to an easy meal without compromising nutrition by way of pasta.

Beef Sukiyaki with Noodles

Beef Sukiyaki with Noodles: This is a 30-minute meal at its finest.  Drenched in flavor, but not calories, the beef and spices and perfectly supported by a bed of noodles.

Non Dairy Creamy Pasta

Non Dairy Creamy Pasta: A grown-up version of one of my favorite dishes as a child.  My aunt used to make hers with peas and crunchy bits of leftover steak, delicious--but this version is much more sophisticated and chock full of root veggies.

Pasta Salad with Chicken

Bow-Tie Pasta Salad with Chicken:  Take last night's pasta and repurpose it for today's lunch or dinner.  A quick pesto and some grilled chicken keep this salad light and flavorful.

Pecorino Baked Penne

Penne, Broccoli and Pecorino Bake:  This would make for a great weeknight dinner if you're entertaining.  After you boil the pasta, just put the rest of the ingredients into a ramekin and voila an elegant pasta dinner.


Creamy Ziti:A famous Geller Family recipe, Jamie shares her favorite and fast recipe for ziti.  It's so simple, but so incredibly delicious.

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