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5 Hot Cocoa Drinks For Winter Warmth

Spicy Hot Cocoa with Kahlua

I love tummy warming hot drinks, even in the summer, but especially during the cool winter months. I drink about 3 large glasses of green tea a day (I have appropriated Hubby's big beer mug for this noble effort) and a tall hot cocoa a few times a week. The kiddies have followed suit and regularly beg for tea, which someone usually manages to spill and when I say usually, I do mean always!

Last night, the boys were out and my 3-year old was busting out of strapped safely in her high chair so I decided to make something warm and sweet and chocolaty for my girls.

In Israel it’s traditional (and so pleasantly easy) to place a few squares of your favorite chocolate at the bottom of a mug filled with hot milk. You stir and spoon and taste, and stir and spoon and taste, as the chocolate melts in the mug and in your mouth. It's easy and interactive and especially exquisite when topped with lots of sweet whipped cream.

hot chocolate

If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and want to experiment with unique varieties and flavors try one of Felissa Billet’s Citrus, Peanut Butter or Spicy Homemade Hot Chocolates, torn straight from the pages of our magazine.

hot chocolate

I also have a Triple Hot Chocolate (an oldie but goodie from when I lived in NY and made hot chocolate the hard way) and a decidedly adult Spicy Hot Cocoa with Khalua, but you can also use Morad Double Espresso which is easier to find kosher these days.

Take your pick.