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5 Life Hacks To Quench Your Thirst, Plus A Hydrating Recipe

Tropical Hydrating Smoothie


It really is the best source of hydration - incredibly thirst quenching, calorie free, vital and refreshing. It's important to remember though that there are many ways to get hydration from sources besides water.

Fruits, for example, are loaded with water. My summertime favorite, watermelon (as the name would suggest) contains a lot of water. If you've ever been thirsty and bitten into a juicy slice of watermelon, you'll know exactly how refreshing it is.

But, water alone can be boring, and for some it's just not palatable on its own. Here are a few of my favorite tips for quenching your thirst in a most interesting way.

1. Add sweetness - fresh sliced fruit can add so much to ordinary water. Perhaps you prefer steeping sliced oranges in your water, or maybe you like squeezing fresh lemon juice into your glass. Whatever it may be, adding fruits to water is a perfect way to sweeten your drink without added excess calories.

2. Add savory flavorings - fresh herbs like mint or cool sliced cucumber add deliciousness to plain water. Mint is especially pungent when it's massaged between your fingers before being thrown into a pitcher.

3. Try seltzer - many people often reach for bubbly drinks like soda when they're thirsty. If bubbles are your thing, choosing seltzer water and turning up the volume with extra flavorings is much more thirst quenching than soda and is much healthier.

4. Think about smoothies – a smoothie made with strawberries, pineapple or watermelon with Greek yogurt and electrolyte rich coconut water is a delicious, hydrating meal in a glass.  Throw a little spinach or kale in the mix and you’ve really amped up your morning routine. Try this Tropical Hydrating Smoothie as a start.

5. Freeze fruit – who said ice has to be boring? You can freeze small pieces of fruit or whole berries on their own, or in ice cubes for extra flavor.  Bonus: as soon as the ice or fruit melts, you have a sweet treat at the bottom of your glass!

Try this delicious and thirst-quenching Tropical Hydrating Smoothie and check out 31 MORE smoothie recipe here!!

Tropical Hydrating Smoothie