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5 Minute Party Food

Jack's Tacos Party

It's party time!!  Even though Hanukkah is almost over, there is still lots of time to party.  With these cold Wintery nights ahead, it is more fun to invite everyone in rather than go out.  That doesn't mean you want to spend hours preparing.  Enjoy these recipes for 5 Minute Party Food.

When feeding a crowd it is always great to serve mouthwatering food with distinctive flavors that leave people wowed and make the food and party a memorable experience; good food really has that power. There are many exciting new kosher products available for the ever-growing palate of the kosher consumer. Jack’s Gourmet provides high-quality kosher charcuterie that is authentic and provides the kosher cook with flavors and textures that weren’t always available.  In addition to great flavor, the products are versatile, contain NO fillers, are gluten free, and contain no MSG. As the items are ready to serve in a matter of minutes, they make for a versatile and epicurean ingredient that can be prepared in many ways.

Jack's Kosher Tacos

Enjoy these 5 - 5 minute part food recipes here:

Facon Wrapped Chicken Breast

Bratwurst Sliders

Spicy Italian Style Salami Crostini

Facon with Maple Syrup

Chorizo Tacos

As seen in the Joy of Kosher with Jamie Geller - Subscribe Now.