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A Kosher KitchenSurfing Dinner To Remember

kitchen surfing dinner party

Last month Joy of Kosher had the amazing opportunity to partner with KitchenSurfing to promote their new kosher section.  KitchenSurfing is an online service that pairs people with chefs.  Instead of going out to a fancy dinner you can bring the fancy dinner in and the chef can tailor the meal to your exact needs and wants.  The chef will shop, cook, serve and clean up and we got to experience it first hand last month with Chef David Egidio Donagrandi. We ran a contest and invited 5 winners plus guests to join the entire Joy of Kosher team for dinner in Brooklyn.

pickled eggs

When we came in to the apartment, we had the chance to explore and schmooze and snack.  There were three pass around appetizers, including these pickled eggs with onions and balsamic marmalade, risotto cakes and lamb meatballs.

kitchen surfing dinner

The food was paired with a vodka punch, citrusy and delicious.  We enjoyed the beautiful view and met all the guests.


Meanwhile the chef was preparing a feast.

kitchen surfing corn soup

We started with this Fresh Corn Chowder garnished with toasted farro and paprika oil.  I am so excited that Chef David agreed to share this incredibly tasty recipe with us, a very unique way to use farro.

cured branzino

The next course was a Cured Branzino with Beets, another recipe Chef David is sharing with us, get the recipe here. Perfect to prep ahead and different kind of fish appetizer.

PicMonkey Collage

We went on to enjoy small plates of Farenheit Turnip, Beef Steak Cruda, Roasted Prime Rib Chanterelle, and a Grapefruit and Orange Aspic.  Although there were many courses, he managed to fill us up without making us feel sick.  Using quality ingredients and lots of vegetables Chef David wowed us. Hire Chef David to make your next dinner from Kitchen Surfing.

chef david kitchen surfing

Now, I challenge you to recreate some of the magic, Chef David shared two recipe with us,  Cured Branzini and Roasted Corn Soup.

Photos provided by Itzik Roytman/