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Almond Spinach Croutons

spinach almond croutons

Let’s get crunchy!  When the idea for a link up of croutons came up, I was ready to think outside the square.  Maybe there is a way I can turn vegetables into croutons.  Whether you add croutons to soup or salad you get an added does of veggies and nutrients.

So I turned to spinach, if it works for Popeye it works for me!  I always have frozen spinach in my freezer and it is versatile enough that you can use it in so many recipes -- from scrambled eggs or omelets for breakfast to improving a cheese quesadilla or pizza at dinner.

spinach almon croutons tamar

I sautéed the spinach and added a little garlic flavor after squeezing out all the excess water, I mixed some finely ground almonds I had left from Passover, spread it on small pan and baked it for a long time.  Cut it into squares and voila!!! The best croutons I have ever made and my family couldn't get enough of them!

They were delicious in a salad and brought some wonderful color contrast and crunch to my carrot ginger soup.  You could really use them in anything or enjoy them straight up!  They still have 60 calories per serving but by baking instead of frying and taking advantage of the spinach, they’re infinitely better for you than store bought croutons.  Bitayavon!

Click here for the full recipe for Almond Spinach Croutons.