School is right around the corner. Before you know it, you'll be shopping for school supplies and eventually packing up your kids' backpacks for day one. Snacks included.

You could take the easy way out and with the usual nosh and junk food available at every store.  It's tempting because they're inexpensive, easy to find and easy to pack.  After all, we have so much to do. 

There is no judgement, we do what we have to do, but I want to share some ideas for healthy snacks that can be made ahead and even frozen for maximum shelf life. The key to successful, healthy snacks are choosing or making foods that are both nutritious and tasty! Ideally, they come packed with omega 3, fiber and protein in a small mess free snack.

Here are two incredible snacks that every kids will love!

Chocolate Granola Bars

Chocolate Granola Bars 

Naturally sweetened and bursting with nutritious ingredients, these granola bars require no baking and are the perfect addition to the lunch box or mid-day snack.

Zesty Summer Muffins.jpg

Zesty Lemon Blueberry Muffins

The combination of zesty lemons and blueberries will really wake you up in the morning or afternoon.  I guarantee your your kids will love them! They're light, moist and bursting with flavor. 


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