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Behind the Scenes: Filming with Jamie Geller

cinnamon buns

Last Thursday we congregated at Jamie’s house to film some more Q&K videos. We decided to go for a more informal angle with this latest batch, and to that end Jamie asked Tamar and me to join her IN the videos. This was a simple suggestion, but one that had us worried about what we were going to wear, how to do our hair, how would the camera make us look – all stuff that Jamie has dealt with in the past and she told us not to worry, we’ll be fine. Jamie was right.

We had quite a few videos scheduled to be shot, and our call time was 9 am. Sathya, our awesome videographer, showed up with Jed, his assistant, and started setting up the lighting and the cameras and planning the shots. There were wires everywhere that I tripped over at least four times. (But not on camera, hopefully).

The first video to be shot was how to make challah. Tamar and I sat at the kitchen counter while Jamie was behind it demonstrating her challah making process. As usual, she made it look very easy. There was a lot of back and forth conversation between the three of us – after a while it was easy to forget there was a camera filming us.

Everything went fine…..until Jamie asked me to separate the eggs. Now, when I make challah my recipe doesn’t call for separated eggs. I don’t like separating eggs, they are all slimy and gunky. But Jamie’s recipe needed me to separate them. My brain ignored that command because apparently it didn’t like it. So there we are, camera rolling, I am cracking eggs like a pro, checking them, and dumping the entire egg into the bowl. I think I did this twice before Jamie said “Um, Dass, the eggs are supposed to be separated” and I realized my mistake. First installment on the blooper reel, courtesy of yours truly. We reshot that part. But you won’t be able to tell, because Sathya has magic editing skills.

Quick clothing change…it’s hard work, you know.



While the challah was rising, we filmed the Q&K video of how to make Cholent. Seeing as it was Jamie’s hubby’s family’s recipe we cajoled him into starring in this video, and he was a natural. Now, this was a Thursday that we were filming, and eating cholent on a Thursday, well, I actually told Jamie it was against my religion to eat cholent on a Thursday. But, after we did a “here’s one I made earlier” (always wanted to do that on camera) we all had to taste the cholent. Let me tell you folks, it was so worth giving up my cholent-only-on-Shabbat rule. Totally delish. Much of that deliciousness had to do with the addition of kishke. My cholent will be totally different this week because of Mr Geller’s recipe.

Another Quick & Kosher Clothing Change…..


Spinach Noodle Kugel

As the challah was still rising – it takes a long time - we moved on to the next video on the agenda – Spinach Noodle Kugel. This time Jamie had Tamar on her side of the counter helping her. This was a simple dish to make (it is called “Quick and Kosher” for a reason) and within 45 minutes it was out of the oven and into our bellies quicker than you can fathom. Yum.

Our challah dough was finally ready – and we had plans to make much more than just challah with it! That’s what I love about this dough – it is so versatile.

First up, Jamie demonstrated her way of braiding a six-stranded challah. I do mine totally differently. Jamie’s challah seems to be plumper than mine, but the way I do it works for me. At some point in the future I may try her way, but only if Jamie is in my kitchen guiding my hands. Tamar and I both got in on the rolling action – it’s quite a work out for the arms, rolling out the ropes of dough. We painted on the egg-wash and then we smothered that 6-strand challah braid with heaping amounts of “everything” topping. Sesame seeds, onion, poppy seeds, salt – and it all comes in one convenient package. I started using this the other week and a friend said biting into my challah was like biting into an everything bagel. (That’s good, right?) We set it to rise in the warm corner of Jamie’s kitchen, and got to work on the next challah dough project.



Crown challah was up next – and again Jamie used a different method than I do. She braided three long strands of dough and tied a knot in the middle, put it into a round pan, brushed with egg wash, covered in sesame seeds and left that one to rise too. So simple to make and so pretty once it’s done. It’s perfect for Rosh Hashannah!

Let’s talk buns, cinnamon buns. I bet you didn’t know that you can use challah dough for this delicious dessert! Jamie put together a Q&K video showing you just how easy it is – and trust me, you will make these over and over and over again. Jamie rolled out a portion of the dough – nothing exact, and not trying for the edges to be perfect. She had me sprinkle it with cinnamon until it was covered, and then we crumbled brown sugar over the cinnamon. Jamie rolled it up until it was in a log, sliced it into equal pieces, arranged it in a pan and popped it in the oven. Seriously, folks, it was that easy. Once it was baked and cooled a little I threw together the icing, drizzled it over the top, and we dug in to this warm sweet moist delicious taste of heaven.

Next up was onion pockets. I need a moment to just remember the taste of this delicious treat. Jamie sautéed some onions – and for me, that’s a treat in and of itself - rolled out the dough, put the sautéed onions in the middle of the dough square, closed the square up, placed it in a small round baking tin, and set it to rise.

Onwards to the garlic knots – these were so good I made some the next day for my family. Jamie demonstrated on camera just how easy it is to make these - you need olive oil, garlic and parsley, mix together, spoon over the knots - EASY but oh so yummy! You’ll probably get to see us enjoying every last morsel on video.


Garlic Knots

We had so much fun cooking and baking together on camera – and getting to taste all the food that we had made was a total bonus. We grabbed plenty of time in between takes to work, all three of us had our lap tops open and maximized every second we had.

For more photos from our day of filming check out our Facebook album. Keep an eye on our Youtube channel – as soon as the videos are ready we will be putting them live online. We cannot wait for you to see them. Watch our Twitter and Facebook feeds for updates and of course check back here on

We are filming more Q&K episodes next week – stay tuned!