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The Best Meat I Ever Ate - Pepper Steak


The answer to this question is quite simple, without any hesitation of a doubt: 'A  Biltong Bagel'. (Jerky bagel).   Nothing makes me happier than my husband's famous shredded biltong, piled high on a bagel.  No tomato, no cucumbers, no condiments just meat 'n bread!   And, what a meal it is.

However, not everybody is as meshugga as me so I'm going to share another favourite that comes a very close second.   BBQ flame grilled pepper steak.  If a race was on between the two,  the mouthwatering steak, grilled to personal perfection with a baked potato I may just pip the biltong bagel at the post in colder weather!

The reason why this happens to be my favourite meal is that  it's very rare that we have Prime Rib Steaks.  It's that same old story, the shoemaker goes without shoes.......Almost like forbidden fruit!  So, when we finally get steaks we treasure them, love them, cherish them and finally cook them to perfection - who know's when we'll get them again!!

Ask your butcher to vacuum pack the steaks individually.
Place them in your fridge (not freezer) for about 10 days - this is called wet ageing.  After about 8 - 10 days or when ready to cook, remove from vacuum bag and wash meat well.   Place steaks into large ziploc bag and pour the marinade over the meat.

Click here for the full recipe to make my favorite Pepper Steak.