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Blogger Spotlight - Chaya Selig

chaya polenta

We welcome Chaya Selig to our spotlight.  Chaya is the author of 2 active blogs featuring easy delicious recipes that are mostly gluten free.  Chaya comes across warm and friendly and all about sharing with fabulous linkys on her site.

Tell us about your blog and how you got started:
One day, I came upon the world of foodie blogs and as I looked through them, I thought to myself, this would be fun to do.  I did not realize the high caliber of cooks, we have in Bloggerville. A few lovely bloggers took me under their wings and  helped me along.  My photos were atrocious and the way I shared recipes were equally so.  What frightens me is that someday, I may look back on my present blogs and say the same thing.

My first blog was a kosher gluten-free blog but as time went on, I realized, I did not want a gluten-free blog even though my two blogs now are 90% gluten-free.  The difference is that when I don't term it that, I can sneak in a non GF recipe without making a big fuss to watch out for the gluten.  It did take off a lot of pressure.  That was good-bye to Chaya's Comfy Cook. 

My next blogs were My Sweet and Savory and Bizzy Bakes.  My Sweet and Savory is better established, having been around for two years longer although I am happy to see Bizzy Bakes growing into adulthood.  They were meant to have different purposes but I am not sure that is seen.  Bizzy Bakes was to be mostly for baking and quick, easy and delicious recipes (QED).  My Sweet and Savory has a wonderful linky for meatless  meals and I leave each Monday with tons of ideas.  Bizzy has a new linky called the Recipe Box which I have plans for and hopefully will develop into something that will be fun and filled with deliciousness.

Please come and visit.  I am open to all suggestions and questions and would love to hear from you.

What is your earliest cooking memory?

I remember having nourishing meals, on the table, every night but nothing about what happened in the kitchen.  My Mom was a plain cook.  A meal would be a piece of chicken, baked potato and some green beans.  Of course, years ago, ingredients we now use, were considered exotic. When I got married, I knew how to boil water and that is a serious statement.  I have a patient and loving husband who knew more than I did and I had a Betty Crocker cookbook.  I have to pat myself on the back.  I was baking breads within a few years but that stopped after the first two children arrived on the scene. My children are all great cooks except for one and that includes the boys as well as the girls.

You asked about my earliest memory which was after I was married and had made this "elaborate" chopped meat casserole which I dropped on the floor where it stayed in the midst of shards of ceramic.  I didn't care about the casserole dish.  I cared about my meal.

What is your favorite kitchen implement / utensil / gadget?


OXO Good Grips Multi-Purpose Pastry Scraper/Chopper.  Don't laugh.  I have three, two for the year and one for Pesach.  I keep them out and use them daily.  I use them to chop, slice, pick up, scrape away ---- you name it -----it does the trick.

Who is your cooking inspiration?
My oldest daughter.  She took to cooking and baking like a fish to water and had her own business for a while.  She is one of those people who works quickly and efficiently and produces wondrous dishes. I have learned more from her than anyone I can think of.  Perhaps, it is her joy in cooking that is what I am inspired by.

Please share a favorite cooking tip or trick with our readers:

Simply organization.  Clean up as you go along.  Keep your tools and ingredients in logical and neat areas.  Clean them out often so they stay that way.  Organization saves time and makes food prep much more pleasant.

Which recipes are you sharing with us today?

Honey Almond Strawberry Salad 

Orange Veggie Polenta Dish

Avocado No Mayo Egg Salad

Nutty Sweet Potato Patties


For years, I thought I was a decent cook.  Three years ago, when I started blogging, I found out differently.  There is a whole world of new foods and new techniques for me to expand my horizons with and I am working on that.