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Blogger Spotlight - Food Wanderings (Shulie Madnick)

Frozen Strawberry Yogurt

This week we talk with Shulie Madnick from the blog,  Shulie was born and raised in Israel by Indian parents, both greatly influence her cooking style.  Shulie currently lives in Washington, DC where she is a recipe developer, food writer and photographer and a cooking instructor.

Tell us about your blog and how you got started.

In November 2009 when my son was getting ready to graduate high school, I inaugurated my blog with Shakshuka, for every college kid's hot plate in anticipation of his upcoming college days. One of the inspirations and motivation to start this site.

What is your earliest cooking memory?

Helping my mom in an assembly line sort of way with my sisters, I am the eldest of 6 kids.  One kneading, one forming perfect size dough balls and me rolling out dough with my mom tending the stove.

What is your favorite kitchen implement / utensil / gadget?

I love my heat resistant spatulas! :)

What's your favorite kosher dish to cook?

Hmm so many but one I didn't grow up on and I love is matzo ball soup. It's sooooo goood!

Who is your cooking inspiration?

Dishes from growing up, farmers markets' in season ingredients and food memories that trigger inspiration to develop new recipes like the Frozen Strawberry Yogurt.

Please share a favorite cooking tip or trick with our readers:

In my daal (Indian lentil stew) I cook garlic cloves whole not minced. When sauteing garlic, minced, the risk is you will burn it or over caramelize and it will become bitter. This way you cook it whole and mash it at the end when garlic is cooked and soft and avoiding disasters.

Which recipes are you sharing with us today?

In addition to the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt, perfect for the season, and Majadra - Rice and Lentils - an ideal vegetarian dish. A staple in every household in Israel as well as the entire Middle East.


Shulie Madnick is a recipe developer, food writer and photographer and a cooking instructor. She writes about food at FoodWanderings.blogspotcom Follow her on Twitter: @foodwanderings and Facebook.