Among its more expensive counter-parts, such as kale and Jerusalem artichokes, carrots can get lost. An essential ingredient in many stews and stocks, carrots are not always placed in the center of attention and it is about time they should be. 

Full of essential vitamins (tons of vitamin A), dietary fiber, and minerals, just 25 calories a carrot and extremely cost effective, carrots are a stellar vegetable. 

The following are three carrot dishes that are updates on classics: Sweet and Spicy Moroccan Carrots, Carrot Tzimmes, and Pureed Carrots . Any leftover carrots? Shave into a salad. (Like an Orange Carrot Salad or Carrot Slaw) Cut into spears for a healthy, sweet snack. Juice. Roast. Grill... the options are endless.

In Yiddish, the word for carrots is “merrin,” which means “to multiply.” This symbolizes our wish for abundant blessings in the coming year.

Sweet and Spicy Moroccan Carrots

sweet and spicy moroccan carrots (853x1280).jpg

Carrot Tzimmes

CarrotTzimmes (2).jpg

Pureed Carrots

carrot puree

Looking for more carrot recipe ideas? ...Try Pomegranate Carrot Salad or Cinnamon Glazed Baby Carrots

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