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Cooking Israeli Food In America

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Home made pita & hummus

I just came back from New York City where I gave a few Israeli cooking classes. I always find that no matter where in the world I am, cooking with people is fun, creative and delicious, and passion for cooking crosses cultures and places. As a cook I like to learn and teach new recipes, cooking techniques and tips.

Two cooking classes were hosted by two of my dearest clients and friends Ada-Beth and Laurie, who took my cooking tour in Israel a while ago. The third one took place at Manhattan JCC. I so much appreciate the warm welcome and the opening of the kitchens for me.

orly in us

Even halfway around the world, I felt as at home as if I was in my own kitchen. I had everything I needed to make the Israeli food. I was honored by the number of people who eagerly came to learn how to make Israeli recipes. It was also a very exciting opportunity to cook my recipes with American products, and you know what – all the Israeli dishes tasted exactly the same as in Israel. Now I can really say you can cook Israeli food in America!

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Are you curious what dishes we made? I'll tell you: We made homemade Israeli Hummus (the regular and the green versions), homemade pita bread, Cauliflower with Tahini and Silan, this Baba Ganoush Recipe and more.

Israeli food

This particular recipe has two different unusual ingredients one is the eggplant liquid which gives an extra smoke flavor to the dish. The second ingredient is buttermilk or yogurt which makes it so creamy and delicious! For a non dairy version exchange the buttermilk with water.  Try this Baba Ghanoush Recipe and let me know what you think.