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Cooking with Kids - Strawberry Salad

Strawberry Salad With Kids

Long, summer days are the perfect time to introduce colorful, fresh produce to young palates. Adding kid-friendly fruits like berries to nutritious greens like spinach and asking them to help prepare the vinaigrette makes it much more likely that they’ll gobble it down. Let them create a clever recipe title that includes their own name, like “Joshy’s Rainbow Salad,” so they’ll be more open to eating it.

This salad can be modified to your family’s tastes by switching the nuts for seeds or the cheese for chicken. The fantastic thing about salads is that kids can make the entire dish from start to finish since it doesn’t involve working with heat.

strawberry salad

Strawberry Pecan Salad

Little ones can do everything from combining the ingredients in a bowl to whisking the dressing to sprinkling on the cheese and nuts.  Get the kids in the kitchen with you and make this delicious Strawberry Pecan Salad.

make your own vinegar

Have some more fun by making your own flavored Vinegars.  You can replace the balsamic vinegar in this Strawberry Salad recipe with your own flavors of vinegar. Use your favorite berries, or make savory varieties using garlic, basil, or other fresh herbs.