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Fruit and Cheese Quesadillas

Blueberry Cheese Quesadilla

It’s hot.  Like really, really, really hot.  I wouldn’t call the heat oppressive, because I simply don’t like that word when describing Israel but yeah, it is hot.  The summer heat brings with it this need to feel lighter.  This naturally sweet and savory recipe is a perfect summer treat when a heavy sandwich can feel, well, heavy.

My Blueberry and Cheese Quesadillas make for a lovely summer lunch.  Filled with blueberries, sliced peaches, goat cheese, red onion and thyme you can savor them warm or at room temp.   In Israel (or anywhere else for that matter) you can skip the blueberries and instead add sliced plums, strawberries or event pitted cherries.  I also like using soft whole wheat flour tortillas for this recipe.  We are actually now, after 10 years of marriage, making the switch to whole wheat (everything) in our home (YAY – only took me a decade to convince Hubby!).

You can follow the instructions to fill the tortillas, fold them over, and warm them side by side in a large sauté pan.  Or you can simply toast the tortillas using tongs over an open flame on your stovetop for: 30 to 1 minute or warm them in the microwave, then just fill the warm tortillas.  Then eat.  Then give a little moan of delight.  Then eat some more.

Click for the full recipe here.

Share your super summer quesadilla ideas with us in the comments below.