Get Healthy in 5 Easy Steps

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The Jewish holidays are almost over.  Did you get on that scale yet?  How did you do?  Even the best of us have trouble staying trim and healthy during a month long of large meals, little exercise and lots of sweets.  It’s okay, don’t beat yourself up too much, get ready to charge ahead to a healthy new year.

Step 1 –Exercise

If you weren’t exercising before, start now!  No matter what your weight, exercise is great for your heart and you want to keep your heart healthy for many holidays to come.  Get up and get moving.   Find the exercise that is right for you, join a sports league, go swimming, climb stairs rather than taking the escalator or elevator, whatever it takes.

Step 2 – Write makes right

When you make yourself accountable for what you eat you will realize that every bite counts.  I am not asking you to start counting calories, but just start paying attention.  Pay attention to everything you put in your body and when.  Were you really that hungry?  Did you really need that second serving?

Step 3 – Drink lots of water

Before you eat, drink! The water will help fill your empty belly and slow you down.  It is also important to stay properly hydrated (especially during the summer and after working out), plus it’s great for your skin!

Step 4 – Cut out one bad food habit

You know what it is, that late night dessert, the extra bowl of cereal, the sugary or even diet soda you are addicted to, that whole bag of potato chips you can’t resist – whatever is, kick it.  Now is the time.  Take control!

Step 5 – Get on the scale

So, now that you have taken control, see where you are at, decide where you want to be and make it happen.  The Jewish holidays that derail your best intentions are temporary and everyone slips up once or twice.   All you have to do is get back on the scale to get back on track.