Healthy and Gourmet Popcorn Recipes

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popcorn collage

Who was it that first discovered the magical potential hidden within every kernel of corn?

That healthy snack, light as air…  that burst of white, crunchy happiness?

Honestly the best i can do is source corn husk findings in ancient peru. (If your imagination  was going in the direction of Native Americans sitting around ingesting mouthfuls on a  scorching hot day...enjoy the imagery, just double  check the continent.)  But, really, how did popcorn evolve from a supposed  ancient Peruvian munching habit to becoming America’s #1 favorite snack?

kale popcorn

Kale and Popcorn Medley

Columbus and his crew were possibly the first Westerners  to gaze curiously at corn (and yes, the first to excitedly  watch the kernels crackle with the Natives) but they still had no popcorn machines until 1885. When candy  and other munchables were inaccessible during WWII,  America turned to its ever-plentiful corn fields for a  cheap alternative and when TV took over the American  lifestyle, the consumption of popcorn rose 500%!

Truffle Rosemary Popcorn

Truffle Rosemary Popcorn

Lately, corn has been getting a bad rap for all the genetic modifications, over-processing, and being added  to almost every product on your grocery shelf. So allow  me to take you back to a corn age-of-innocence of sorts,  where its just you, the kernels and a delightful explosion  of creativity.  Low in calories, with a relatively high fiber content, plain  air-popped popcorn will have your nutritionist beaming  at your snacking choices. In addition, its neutral nature is  graciously versatile. The sky's the limit for fun combinations!  To attain optimum flavor, air pop the corn on a stovetop  as close to the time of serving as possible. If time is of  the essence, store-bought popcorn will do (try to find unsalted  or just cut out the salt when called for in a recipe).  So, for whomever it was that gave us the gift of popcorn,  let’s throw a party and serve everyone’s favorite party  food!

Mint Chocolate and Lavendar Popcorn

Mint Chocolate and Lavender Popcorn

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