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How A New Recipe Is Born

strawberry muffins

Normally I would enter into my kitchen and if I don't have anything specific in mind I'd open the refrigerator and look for the leftovers; then whatever I find I start making something out of it. Sometimes when I stuff vegetables or dough I use the remaining filling to spontaneously create a new dish. Normally in cases like this no one asks me for the recipes, so in general I don't write them down.

Now I learned my lesson. I posted a picture of one of my food creations on Facebook and one of my fans asked for the recipe - what a catch. Well I have to be honest and say this was one of those recipes that I improvised without taking notes.

I am sharing it here with you because I can imagine that is has happened to some of you at least once - am I right? I invite you to share your stories in the comments below.

So what do I tell the woman who asked for the recipe? I've asked my daughter and she suggested to simply tell her the truth that I improvised it and I don't have a clue how to replicate it. At first I thought to myself she's absolutely right. Do I need to provide a recipe every time I'm asked for one? On the other hand that's my challenge – and so I decided that I will replicate the recipe and will provide it.

It was my mother who taught me how to improvise in the kitchen. I remember when I was about  11 years old and I was making a layer cake. One of the layers required whipped cream. While it wasn't my first time whipping cream, that day I overdid it and the cream turned into butter. Wow what a disaster! So my mother calmly came into the kitchen and recommended to replace the whipped cream with another cream. Surprisingly the cake turned out tasty and no one could taste the difference. This so called 'disaster' taught me a great lesson, which I always remember!

The recipe I have replicated here is a Ricotta, Strawberry and Chocolate Muffin, which I originally made with blueberries.