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How To Cut a Pineapple - Step By Step Pictures

diy pineapple

Ask Us:What is the best way to cut pineapple?


Pineapple is a sweet and juicy tropical fruit low in calories and rich in vitamin C, manganese and copper.  Additionally, pineapple has been shown to improve gum health and digestion and to decrease macular degeneration.  It is a beautiful fruit, but not the easiest to cut.  Here is my step by step guide to cut a pineapple.

1 sharp knife (serrated, chef or Santoku)
1 cutting board


1. Remove top and bottom of pineapple

pineapple cut 1

2. Slowly remove the pineapple's skin by running a knife down the edge

cutting a pineapple 2

pineapple core

3. Find the core in the center of the fruit

4. Remove the flesh around the core in four large pieces

cutting pineapple 3

5. Dice or chop the flesh to your desired consistency

cut pineapple

how to cut a pineapple

Now that you know how to cut a pineapple, and why it’s good for you, how will you eat it?  If you’re looking for a great new way to use pineapple, here’s a recipe for my favorite healthy green smoothie.

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healthy green smoothie