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In the JOK Kitchen with Breezy's


Breezy's is a high end houseware, bakeware and giftware store in Long Island, NY, run by Breezy Schwartz.  After years learning how to mix and match recipes and reinvent leftovers, she decided it was time to come out with her own cookbook.  This book doesn't stop with just recipes.  Breezy loves to get creative with serving pieces and in this book you will learn her tricks of the trade for entertaining and gift giving. Let's learn a bit more about Breezy.

1. What inspired you to write this cookbook?

I have always loved cooking and entertaining and that is what my store is about.   In my store I give classes on a variety of different topics to all ages.  I am a mother of two and I work full time, so I need quick and easy foods.  I am also a foodie and want the food to taste real good, so over the years I have come up with my own recipes and I use those recipes in the classes I teach in my store.

So, it just made sense to compile all my scraps of paper, all my recipes and notes and tips and turn it into a cookbook for my customers to take home and for everyone to enjoy.  All the recipes are easy and use readily available ingredients.  This book is literally my personal cookbook, scribble notes and all, that I give to you, complete with my email for any questions you may have.

2. What does it mean to Mix and Match in the book? Can you give me an example of what we can expect?

For every recipe I include different ways to recreate and reinvent them.  I show how to Mix & Match them for what the occasion calls for and adjust them for dietary needs.


babis delicious cookies

For example, Here is a recipe for Babi's Delicoius Cookies.  These cookies were passed down from my grandmother and I just love them.  One of my "Mix & Match" tips is that they are delicious crumbled up and used to rim your drink glasses.  It is a great way to use up leftovers and to dress up a special beverage.

3. Why did you decide to include all your entertaining tips in the same book with the recipes?

Every single entertaining tip is one that I have given and continue to offer to all my customers for free.  So I wouldn't feel right charging for it.  I consider the entertaining tips as a bonus.  All written down for those that live near and far.

4. How and When did you learn to cook?

Like most Jewish women I grew up in the kitchen with my mother, but I also did take some classes at the Institute of Culinary Education over the past 8 years to help hone my skills.  Mostly, though I have learned as a mother.  I constantly have to think of new ways to get my kids to eat food especially healthy food and so I have learned and adapted recipes and those are what I am sharing with you.


breezy's chicken pot pie

Chicken Pot Pie

5. You obviously entertain a lot, what is your most memorable party and why?

My dearest friend's Sheva Brachos that I made in the store.  It is actually pictured in the book.  I made it for someone I genuinely care about and I was surrounded by people that I love and it reminded me that it doesn't matter how much I cook or how much I patchke, it is really about the people and the moment.

6.  Please share your most valuable entertaining tip, that everyone needs to know?

So many of my tips are ones that everyone should know and once you hear it, a whole new world opens up to you.  My favorite simple tip is the old cardboard box trick.

To add height to a table take an old cardboard box or tissue box and wrap it in wrapping paper and stack platters on top of them.  It's a cheap and easy alternative and you can get really creative with the patterns of wrapping paper you use!  I usually look for a shimmery wedding paper without wording as my go to box, or glossy paper to create a nice reflection.