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In the JOK Kitchen with Get Cooking

get cooking collage

Get Cooking is the new cookbook collaboration from recipe creator and chocolatier, Rachel Harkham and Jewish children’s musician Mama Doni.  This Jewish American Family Cookbook has a little something for everyone, including a CD of Jewish songs from Mama Doni.  The book takes you through the whole year of holidays with recipes and songs to keep you dancing in the kitchen with your kids.  They share jokes and games to play to get your kids more involved in cooking, singing and the Jewish holidays.

1.What brought the two of you together to do this book?

Rachel: I interviewed Doni for an article and we quickly recognized a kinship and a connection in the ways we both viewed Jewish culture.

Doni:  Yes, we met for the interview and immediately realized that what Rachel does with food was very similar to what I do with felt like we had something to say together as two Jewish mamas, and that we had to collaborate. Jewish family moments are about so many, friends, music, food, telling stories, laughing dancing..its all part of living a Jewish life....we immediately knew that FOOD and MUSIC are a perfect partnership!


sweet potato knishes

2. Who had a better time working on this project? Rachel cooking up the recipes? Or Doni singing about the food?

Rachel: All I know is that for me it was a dream come true to be able to create the cookbook I’ve always wanted to own. And I personally think there is nothing more fun than making Whoopie Pies with your kids.  Just saying it is fun!

Doni: I had such a blast creating this cookbook and CD...taste testing Rachel's recipes in my kitchen, song testing in my studio.. there is nothing better than writing, singing, dancing, eating and celebrating all at the same time.


pomegranate molasses chicken

3. Who wrote the jokes?

Doni:  Jokes!!! Oy! For better or worse,  I wrote them ;-)  (...With major inspiration from my two children, Millie 8 and Xander 7 who crack me up everyday)


Jelly Donut Muffins

4. What did you think when you saw the cartoon versions of yourselves?

Rachel: I wished my hair always looked as styled and in place as cartoon Recipe Rachel’s.

Doni: I love it!! I think of myself as kinda cartoon character or muppet like, so it felt perfect. And Rachel, your hair always looks fabulous. ;-)


whoopie Pies

5. As two busy working Moms what advice can you give our readers for getting dinner on the table every night?

Rachel: For me busy weeknight meals are all about hearty casseroles, savory stir fries, and simple slow- cooker dishes. And when all else fails, it’s grilled cheese and salad to the rescue.  When I’m crunched for time during my Shabbat meals prep, I inevitably turn to my Easy and Awesome Chicken recipe from the book, or the Crumb Crust Salmon- easy and delicious!

Doni: Honestly, my meals are all over the map. Sometimes I am so busy with concerts and recording in the studio that Shabbat dinner is a pizza delivery with candles, grape juice and challah... and sometimes I am cooking up a storm for a big dinner party with friends and family. On a daily basis I try to feed my kids with healthy meals...with lots of love. ;-)

Pomegranate BBQ Chicken

Mini Sweet Potato Knishes

Jelly Donuts Miracle Muffincakes

Whoopie Pie